August 19, 2012

Spirit of Culture: "Hecho en México"

Spirituality is woven into the cultural fabric of Latin America. The cosmovision and ceremonial centers of Mesoamerican religious histories, practices, and theologies are very much a part of Latin American cultural production and is something that cannot be overlooked in our discussions. Davíd Carrasco, writes, "It is a special gift of the religious imagination that allows a people, after five hundred years of colonialism, dependency, oppression, and resistance, to turn to the ancient Mesoamerican past for symbols of a cosmovision to help make a world meaningful, give it a standing center, and provide for a social and spiritual renewal." So in what ways can we draw on a history already given to us to find a space to describe and untangle the complexities of being la jotería.

"La espiritualidad está por encima de la religión. La religión nos separa, la espiritualidad nos une."

This new and upcoming film, Hecho en México, looks into multiplicity of Mexican identity, culture, and history. I can't help but notice the immense amount religious imagery and themes. Spirituality remains engrained in our culture. In that sense I think it's important to theorize and imagine race within the context of religion, but also religion within the context race, considering and understanding how both inform one another.

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